Fall Kittens Ready for Adoption!

PALS has some beautiful kittens ready for Forever Homes:

kitten-shy-againShy is a calico, one of a litter of five kittens who were found outside.  She was quite cautious when originally found, so she was named Shy.  But now that she’s been with people,  she should be called Playful!  She purrs when petted, is very curious, and loves to explore!  She really likes people and her toys!  Now, she’s not only ready for a Forever Home, but she’s also ready for a new Name!

josie-1221ferica-1220fErika and Josie are two black kittens with white splotches on their chests!  They look so much alike, but Josie has a slightly larger white spot!  The two were captured at about 8 weeks of age.  They hadn’t had much human contact at that time, but with extensive socialization, they are starting to like to be with people.  They greet their foster family at the door now!  They are curious and playful, but prefer not being picked up.  Both of them are very fast pouncers and love to “hunt” their toys!!  They are great fun!  Erika and Josie are looking for homes that will appreciate their feisty, independent personalities!

Please call us at PALS, if you are interested in any of our kittens.  They would be great and loving additions to your family.  Leave a message, and we will return your call after 5 pm:



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Recently Adopted!





PALS had many litters of kittens to find homes for this summer.  Among our beautiful kitties, we adopted out Red, Tiny and Brave recently.  Red is a super cuddly lap cat who just loves people!  He is a confident explorer and his new family is so happy to have him!  Tiny and his brother Cookie were up for adoption, and Tiny recently found a Forever Home!  Tiny is a cuddly cat who loves people, and is inquisitive and playful. His new family is really enjoying this playful boy.  Brave is one of a litter of five half-wild kittens, and she is friendly, people-oriented, and purrs easily.  She’s living with her new family who pets her and plays with her regularly.

All of our PALS kittens are spayed or neutered, and have health check-ups by our Veterinarian. We still have some kittens available for adoption, so if you can find a place in your Heart and your Home for one of these beautiful creatures, please call PALS at:


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Seamus and Domino!

seamus-and-dominoSeamus and Domino!

PALS recently received a letter on behalf of these two beautiful kitties, Seamus and Domino!  They were adopted by their Forever Family, and had just celebrated their First Birthdays in June of this year!
They have grown to be very good sized cats, and in fact, only one at a time can fit on some of the living room chairs!  They are very healthy and happy, and are well-loved by the family.  They even share the home with a dog – but they make it very clear to the dog that they get the closest spot in front of the fireplace at all times!
Seamus and Domino are among the many lovely cats that started out at PALS, and were adopted by loving families.  Because of the kindness of their caring people, these two will live long, happy and healthy lives.
PALS thanks all who support our cause, and our animals.  Fostering and Adopting a pet is so rewarding to all involved, and makes the world a better place!

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Adopted Butch and Sundance!

Orange KittiesButch is a spunky boy who plays well with other kittens.  His brother Sundance is a bit quieter, but full of energy too!  Both of these kittens are delightful and love to be cuddled and played with.  They are both neutered and ready for your Forever Home.  These handsome boys can be adopted separately or together.  They will be a perfect addition to your family.

Please call PALS for more information about these wonderful male kittens, or any of our other kittens and cats up for adoption.  250-265-3792.

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pals cat

P.A.L.S. is hosting the  annual CREATIVE HANDS CRAFT FAIR  November 26, 2016!

If you have some homemade wares you wish to sell, here is your chance to do so!  Tables are $25 each and have to be booked in advance.  (Tables go quickly so call today)

Call KATHY SMITH @ 250-265-4950
to reserve your spot. 

DATE:                          NOVEMBER 26th, 2016      
TIME:                           10am – 4pm
LOCATION:                Nakusp Arena Complex, 200-8th AVE NW


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Choosing the right cat for you

Cats have very different personalities. Some are affectionate and cuddly, while others are more independent and do not like to be petted. Some cats are very active and playful, and others love to nap.

What personality are you looking for in a cat? You can’t always tell what type of personality an eight-week-old kitten is going to have, but spending time with each kitten individually may help you make your decision.

Another option is to select an adult cat, which has many advantages. Adult cats are likely already litter box trained, and spending some time alone with the cat will give you a good idea of her or his personality.

Please call PALS we have adults cats and kittens who are looking for forever homes. 

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