The PALS Craft Fair is November 30th!

If you’d like to donate to the PALS table at the Craft Fair, please call 250-265-3792.  We’d love any hand-made or home-baked items.  We appreciate your support for this fundraising event.   Thank you!


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A Bunny!!


If you’ve been looking for a bunny as a pet, look no further!! Cyndi is the most adorable bunny you’ll ever meet.  She’s litter-trained, socialized with people and absolutely lovable!! Cyndi is a very pretty girl, as you can see, with a little orange mohawk tuft on her head!  She is friendly and loves to be cuddled and handled.  She’s an indoor-only house bunny who will just melt your heart! 

Please call PALS today if you want to welcome Cyndi into your home!  You’ll be glad you did!!  250-265-3792.  Thank you!


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PALS is in DESPERATE need of Foster Homes.  We’ve got quite a number of cats who need to be temporarily fostered.

As you’re probably aware, PALS doesn’t have an actual building to house pets.  We rely on members of the community to open their homes for all of the animals we rescue.  Many of our kitties who presently need fostering come from homes where their humans have passed away, so they’re well-socialized and well-behaved.  Some of kitties we have currently come from homes with other cats and/or dogs, so if you already have a pet, we can match up one of the cats who will best fit in at your house.

If you can take a PALS kitty into your home, even for a SHORT TIME, we cover all the costs of food, cat litter, and any medical care if needed. 

Please call PALS today at 250-265-3792 and leave your name and number if you can help us out.  We will call you back as soon as possible. We appreciate any help you can give.  Thanks.


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Chicklette Needs a Forever Home!

After a tough start in life, Chicklette has become a healthy and happy kitten, full of spunk and curiosity!!

She has socialized beautifully, settling in with two dogs and other foster kittens!  Because of her blindness she has been trained to walk on a leash, and she happily goes for walks with her humans, sniffing and pawing at things along the way.  She also loves to go for car rides, often ending long drives with a good nap!

She has been such a fun little kitty for her foster family, but now she’s looking for her Forever Home!

If you have the time and love to adopt a blind but otherwise normal kitty, please call us today about Chicklette.  We’ll offer support as you and she transition into her new world.  If you’ve got a safe and loving environment to offer this very special little girl, we’d love to hear from you!  Thank you.

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If you’ve been waiting for a kitten, CALL PALS TODAY 250-265-3792 and leave your name and number!  We’ll call you back as soon as possible to discuss moving one of our beautiful kittens into your home!

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PALS is hoping for that special person or family who has been looking for a kitty in desperate need of a home.  Citrus is just that cat!  He has been diagnosed with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, which means that, although he’s happy and healthy right now, he will have a shortened life.  We are hoping that he’ll have the very best life for as long as he survives.    Citrus was abandoned and had been living alone and scared outside. We can tell he had been a house cat because when placed in his foster home, he immediately used the litter box, and makes no attempts to get out when the door is open.  Because of his FIV, Citrus will have to be an indoor-only kitty, which we think he’ll just love!  He should also be the only cat in the household because other kitties could possibly pick up the FIV from Citrus.  The disease doesn’t spread to dogs or humans though, so there’s no reason to be afraid of adopting this wonderful cat.  He is a lovely 2-year old boy, who just loves his scratching station, and his toys!  He is a long-haired orange fellow who likes to get his daily brushing and he really likes having people around him.  If Citrus is adopted into a loving and stable home, he will remain healthy and be able to fight his disease longer.  He’s such a lovely and fun kitty, so PALS is really hoping that he’ll find his Forever Home, and live out his life with love and kindness around him. 

Please call PALS TODAY at 250-265-3792 if you want to meet this kitty, and welcome him into your world.  He really deserves a loving home after all he’s been through.  Help us to give him the best life ever!



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Craft Fair is November 30th!

P.A.L.S. is hosting the Creative Hands Christmas Craft Fair on NOVEMBER 30th at the Nakusp Arena Sports Complex from 10:00 till 4:00.

To ensure continued success of this major fundraiser, PALS is seeking donations to their craft table.  If you have any homemade items or baking to kindly donate, please call 250-265-3792 .  As always, your donations are valued and much appreciated.


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