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Mission Statement

Our mission is to aid, care for, and rescue, abused, neglected, abandoned or homeless animals while utilizing the highest ethical standards.

The Protecting Animal Life Society, better known as PALS, provides food, shelter, medical care and love to neglected and homeless pets from Edgewood to Trout Lake to Enterprise Creek.

PALS formed its own society in 2003.  Every cent fundraised by our dedicated volunteers has gone towards medical expenses, food, shelter and supplies for the animals surrendered to our care.  Every year PALS  assists numerous animals and their families in a myriad of ways.

  • Animals in our system are only adopted out to permanent homes after they have been vet-checked, vaccinated and given appropriate medical care or treatment as recommended by our local veterinary clinic.
  • Through our Foster Care program and with the help of foster families, the animals are given a safe, loving, temporary home environment. The foster parents assist in evaluating habits and behaviors in order to offer more detailed information for prospective new owners.
  • We work hard to find suitable loving homes for all of our animals through the use of a consultation process with the prospective adoptive families.
  • We vigorously promote the spaying and neutering of pets in an effort to control overpopulation and unwanted animals. This procedure is mandatory for all animals adopted from our program.
  • Through advertising and education, we try to cultivate awareness, respect and appreciation for the animals whose world we share. We also provide information to help educate and encourage responsible pet ownership.
  • The society works diligently to acquire funding through donations, fundraisers and grants so that we can continue to run our programs and help each and every animal that enters our system.
  • We do ongoing evaluation of the needs of our communities and the needs of the animals we assist, to ensure that we are providing the best programs possible.

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Thank-You websiteP.A.L.S is grateful  for donations, large or small.  We are 100% volunteer-run, so you can be assured that every penny will go to assist animals in need.  Your donation helps to pay for the rescue, veterinary care, fostering, and spaying/neutering of unwanted, abandoned, and abused animals in our area.
Thank you.