Education Program

A pet is both a privilege and a commitment.  Here are some resources that may help you with your pet.

Nakusp Veterinary Clinic:

The site below contains  useful information and links specific to animal care and health

How to Take Care of Your Pet:
Caring for Your Pet:

Please spend time teaching children about the importance of proper care and respect towards ALL animals.  PALS promotes responsible care of animals by following the eight basic pet needs:

  1. FOOD – All pets need sufficient nutritional food to keep them healthy.
  2. WATER – All pets need fresh water to drink, or to live in.
  3. SHELTER – All pets need a warm, safe place to rest.
  4. EXERCISE – Dogs need to be walked or exercise daily.  Hamsters need an exercise wheel to run on.
  5. GROOMING – Dogs need to be brushed and bathed. Check your pets regularly for ticks and fleas. Contact your vet for options to deal with fleas and ticks.
  6. VETERINARY CARE – Pets need routine check-ups at the vet.
  7. TRAINING – Basic training using words such as come, sit and stay helps keep your pet safe.
  8. FRIENDSHIP/LOVE – All pets need to be treated with respect, praise and affection.

To arrange for a visit by PALS to your school or community group, please contact PALS.