Foster Care

Foster Care Program

foster meWe are always searching for people to provide safe and loving TEMPORARY homes for our rescued and surrendered animals, while we find responsible, loving, permanent homes.  Animal shelters are seldom able to provide the socialization that our animals need to make good pets. The cost of running an animal shelter also depletes funding needed to help all the animals that enter our adoption program. This is why PALS needs foster homes to care for our animals.

PALS provides all the support needed for each animal and covers all costs including supplies, food and medical. We are also very flexible with placements and if you have any difficulties with one of our foster animals or have travel plans, PALS will accommodate your needs and relocate that animal as quickly as possible.

If fosterssavelivesyou are interested in joining our Foster Program, please call 
250-265-3792 or email us at