Board of Directors and Program Coordinators

Board of Directors
Chairperson:  Bev McClinchey, by Acclamation
Vice-Chair:  Susan Rogers, by Acclamation
Treasurer:  Linda Kendall, by Acclamation
Secretary:  Vacant
Directors:  Bev McClinchey, Kathy Smith, Linda Kendall, Florence Bargery, Susan Rogers

(6-Month Membership required prior to being able to vote or to become a director)







Program Coordinators:
Animal Care Coordinator:  Florence Bargery                                                                           Emergency Phone Line Coordinator:  Bev McClinchey                                                                    Donation Cans Coordinator:  Bev McClinchey                                                             Spay/Neuter Coordinator:  Marilyn Swanson
Special Circumstances Loan:  Florence Bargery and Linda Kendall
Social Media (Website, Facebook, Local Communicators, Gmail):  Barb Clay                     Advertising Coordinator:  Joanne Buckman                                                                        Bulletin Boards:  Barb Clay, Esther Ewings (Edgewood)