Three Little Kittens Living in Kaslo!

PALS needed to find homes last year for many kittens, and these three little kittens ended up with a great home at the Victorian Community Health Center in Kaslo!

kalso-working-catThe folks at the extended care facility were looking for ideas to help entertain and stimulate the residents, many of whom are immobile or bedridden.  No one knew how or if bringing pets into a busy care facility would work out, but everyone was willing to give it a try.  One kitten was moved in, and though he wasn’t the most cuddly guy, he certainly got the attention of the people around him!  Soon after, two more kitties were brought in, and staff members found that these three furry balls of energy became the most important focus in everyone’s day!

kaslo-2-cats-looking-out-windowPALS was thrilled to hear that the three were fitting in so beautifully at their new home.  The residents were quite delighted with their new housemates, and looked forward to seeing what shenanigans they could get into every day!  The three energetic and curious kitties became the most popular members of the place!  It was soon noted that not only were the residents falling in love with the fuzzy entertainers, but so were staff members, visitors and volunteers!

kaslo-kitten-looking-at-fish-tank kaslo-2-cats-on-cat-pillarkaslo-cat-on-chair-looking-at-fishStaff members started seeing residents passing the sleeping kittens from lap to lap under the table in the dining room, all the while trying to look nonchalant!  When returning to their rooms after meals, people were surprised and amused to find kitties sleeping on their beds, in their sinks or in the cupboards!  And, once in bed at night, they were delighted to find a kitten or two climbing in with them for a snooze!

kaslo-resident-with-kitty-comfy      kaslo-kittens-on-bed      kaslo-cat-and-margaret

The kittens also showed their human housemates just how smart they were!  They found that several residents were hiding cat treats in their night tables, so the kitties trained the humans to give them these treats on demand daily!!

Many residents use their spending money on cat toys and treats.  They give their family members lists of cat-related items to pick up for them!  The Rehab and Recreation coordinator at VCHCK added catnip mice to the Bingo prize basket – now the most popular thing to win!

The kitties have found themselves in a wonderful world, getting snuggles and cuddles  from the residents.  However, they’ve also found that the staff members are pleased to share their workplace with them, and the cats have trained many to do their bidding during working hours.

kaslo-nurse-with-kitten kaslo-cat-helping-with-phonesSome staff find themselves sharing their desks and chairs with one, two or three kitties throughout their shifts.  Trying to answer a phone with a cat perched on one’s shoulder became a newly-acquired skill at work!  Some of the nurses found themselves carting cats from one place to another as an added duty in their day – much to the amusement of residents watching the show!  The kitties also involve themselves in computer work, drawing up schedules on calendars, and warming chairs!


All visitors and volunteers ask after the kittens, and look for them to give them pats when they come in.  The volunteer with the therapy dog has the kittens’ favourite lap – much to the chagrin of the therapy dog, who gets the stink-eye during his entire visit!

kaslo-two-cats-sleeping-on-the-job kaslo-2-cats-on-cat-pillarPALS has been told that these kitties are likely the most petted, cuddled and loved in town!  Many residents feel they’re now members of the family and treat them like little children!  The people at VCHCK say that having the kittens living among them has been the most wonderful experience!

The desire to give and receive love is with us all our lives, and it would be hard to tell who is receiving or giving more of the love at VCHCK.  The kittens have been given a safe and warm  home and the residents and people involved in the facility have all had the opportunity to get a cuddle and love from a kitty.

PALS is so grateful to everyone at VCHCK for offering up a different kind of Forever Home, and giving these three little characters such a fine life!  And thanks to all the residents for their kindness, caring –  and treats!


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