PALS doesn’t have a shelter, we rely on loving foster homes to care for animals while we try to find someone to adopt them.  Each foster home we have represents one more pet we can assist.  If we don’t have foster homes and people to adopt our pets, we wouldn’t be able to rescue any more animals.  PALS is always in need of loving, safe foster homes.

Being a pet foster parent can be a rewarding experience.  You get a furry friend for companionship, and the animal gets a warm and loving place to live while awaiting adoption.  Injured animals have a safe and quiet place to recuperate, and some pets get the chance to live in an actual home for the first time in their lives.

happypetsPALS will pay for all medical costs for foster pets

PALS will cover costs of food for pets, and kitty litter for cats

PALS works closely with the team at the Nakusp Veterinary Clinic, who examine, vaccinate and spay or neuter the pets

If you have any problems with your foster pet such as allergies or conflicts with your own pets or kids, call us. PALS will support you with the foster pet every step of the way.

Think of the satisfaction you’ll feel after helping a frightened, lonely or abandoned animal to feel loved and secure before they find their Forever Home.

Call PALS today at 250-265-3792 if you think you can help us with a temporary foster home.  Thank you so much.




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