Look At Miss Lily Now – Thanks To You!


Last fall, the community of Nakusp came to the rescue of this beautiful kitty when PALS asked for help.  Lily had no home, had been diagnosed with diabetes, and PALS was very concerned about her future. We were overwhelmed by the kindness and love shown by our community, and the donations given to the Love for Lily fundraiser paid for medicine for this lovely girl, and helped us care for her until she found a home.  Lily was taken in by a very loving foster family and she responded so well to their kindness and care.  Not surprisingly, the family has now adopted her!

So that you know what happens to your donations to PALS, here’s an update on Lily, sent in by her Mom:

lily-up-close‘Our home would definitely not be the same without our Miss Lily!  She got along with our big dog Stewie and our old cat Spike from the start, but it’s taken until now for her to warm up to and trust our other boy Chester!  She touches noses with Stewie, has amiable staring matches with Spike and now plays with the same toy as Chester!  Miss Lily and Chester huddle close to each other, but won’t admit they actually like each other!

lily-on-chairMiss Lily now owns the house! As you can see, she has favourite people chairs that she takes over!  She has a very distinct waddle and announces herself very loudly as she enters a room!  She is VERY talkative and lets me know when she wants her bum ‘spanking’!

lily-and-brotherMiss Lily was officially adopted into the family during Valentine’s season; very appropriate, as she truly is loved by us all!  She is now in remission from her diabetes, and is a normal, happy young cat.


lily-updateA huge THANK YOU to PALS and Nakusp Veterinary Clinic for taking such good care of Miss Lily, and also for your continued support!  You all made the Fostering and Adoption process very easy.

Miss Lily would also like to thank all of the people in our community who helped support her during her time of need.

It’s wonderful what can be accomplished by kindness and caring.    PALS thanks you!


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