tattooing-grapefruit-januaryflorence-and-kids-tattoo-awareness-january kids-and-tattooing-awarenessMiss Arnold and the Grade 4/5 Class at Nakusp Elementary School recently invited Florence from PALS and Jackie from the Nakusp Veterinary Clinic to come to the school to discuss the importance of tattooing our pets, and to demonstrate the actual process of tattooing.  A fun and informative time was had by all!

A number of students volunteered to have Jackie tattoo them, but it was decided that demonstrating on a grapefruit was a better idea!  She explained that the grapefruit was similar to the skin of an animal for demonstration purposes, and then proceeded to show how the tattoo gun worked by printing out words and numbers.

Florence from PALS was delighted by the questions asked by the students, and information about the importance of using tattoos for identification purposes for our pets was shared.  She was very pleased about the level of interest shown in tattooing and other pet-related areas, and how much the students care about the welfare f animals.

Special thanks from PALS to Miss Arnold and the Grade 4/5 students for their invitation to come to the school, and for their interest in the importance of tattooing and caring for our animal friends!



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