chesterLast year, Chester the cat was homeless.  He was frightened, lonely, matted and hungry, and he took handouts from anyone kind enough to feed him.  PALS was called, and they trapped Chester and searched to see if he belonged to a family.  The volunteers at PALS realized he needed veterinary care, and brought him up to the Nakusp Veterinary Clinic, where they did lab tests, cleaned him up and neutered him.

The team at the Veterinary Clinic fell in love with this big boy, giving him belly rubs daily, so they were very saddened when Chester’s lab work showed that he had Feline Leukemia Virus.  Cats usually only survive a couple of years with the disease.  In trying to find a foster or forever home for Chester, PALS was faced with a dilemma.  Families with other cats wouldn’t be able to take him in because their cats could be infected with FLV.  Although many people expressed concern for Chester, people were afraid to adopt a cat with a terminal illness, and time went by with no prospects of placing him in a home.

At about this same time, our beloved elderly cat Poxxy was getting frail, confused and wasn’t eating or drinking without medication.  We spent months nursing her and giving her love and cuddles, but we finally had to make the decision to say our goodbyes to her. We were absolutely heartbroken losing this special member of our family, and couldn’t imagine our house without a cat.

We had read about Chester in the newspaper, and knew that PALS was very worried about what to do with this darling boy, so we decided to foster him until a forever home could be found for him.  We don’t know if Chester was abused while he was homeless, but for the first couple of weeks at our house, he hid under the stairs and cowered whenever we got too near him. He would come out for food, but was obviously very frightened of people, and it took a lot of coaxing and work to get him to socialize.  He eventually warmed to us, and started getting up on our laps for daily rubs and cuddles.  We realized we had fallen in love with him, and decided to keep him.  We called PALS and adoption papers were signed!

chester-big-yawn chester-by-chairChester is now in charge at our house! He is a really sweet and loving cat.  He wakes us in the morning, sleeps at the foot of our bed, and tells us when his mealtimes are! He loves his food! He watches for squirrels at the bird feeder in winter, and warns us if black bears are outside the door in summer.  He loves to be cuddled and rubbed, hates being brushed, and he purrs and squeaks when he’s on our laps.  He has his own bed, but also sleeps on any blanket he can find in our house.  He’s a great napper!  He’s quite healthy presently, and we’re hoping that by giving him a stable and loving home, he’ll live longer than the average cat with FLV.  We’ll do our best to give him a comfortable and happy life, and he’s doing his best to reward us with his love.


If you’ve ever thought about fostering or adopting a pet from PALS, don’t hesitate – you’ll be rewarded with companionship and love from an animal in need.  Call PALS today!  250-265-3792.



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