Seamus and Domino!

seamus-and-dominoSeamus and Domino!

PALS recently received a letter on behalf of these two beautiful kitties, Seamus and Domino!  They were adopted by their Forever Family, and had just celebrated their First Birthdays in June of this year!
They have grown to be very good sized cats, and in fact, only one at a time can fit on some of the living room chairs!  They are very healthy and happy, and are well-loved by the family.  They even share the home with a dog – but they make it very clear to the dog that they get the closest spot in front of the fireplace at all times!
Seamus and Domino are among the many lovely cats that started out at PALS, and were adopted by loving families.  Because of the kindness of their caring people, these two will live long, happy and healthy lives.
PALS thanks all who support our cause, and our animals.  Fostering and Adopting a pet is so rewarding to all involved, and makes the world a better place!

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