Pete’s Story ~ Please Spay and Neuter Your Cats

petePete is one of those lucky ones, that found help when he needed it the most. We know he had a home once so it brings awareness to the importance of neutering and spaying. If not neutered, your cat can end up just like Pete, their lives extremely difficult and often very short. It is sad that any cat has to endure this kind of life. All pets deserve to be treated with love, kindness and respect. Please do your part and be a responsible pet owner – spay or neuter your pet.

Pete came to PALS in May of 2012, found by a very compassionate lady who rescued Pete when she saw he was in distress. He was sick, matted, hungry and totally neglected, doing the best he could to survive, unloved and uncared for.

We soon discovered Pete was an amazing cat, loving, affectionate and grateful to be receivingpete getting petter kind and gentle care.  Pete soon became our poster boy.  Pete had along journey ahead of him on his road to recovery. We are incredibly grateful to Nakusp Veterinary Clinic for their depete is healthydication and the wonderful care they gave Pete  during his long stay in the hospital.  Pete had to have most of his teeth extracted and his badly infected ears took time before responding to treatment.    Dr. Page was also able to reverse his Diabetes, so he was able to come off of his daily insulin injections.   Our Veterinary Clinic worked diligently to turn Pete’s life around.  

Pete now has found his own wonderful forever home, where he is safe, warm, much loved and well cared for. It is definitely a happy ending for Pete!

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