Bruno Handsome

Hi there PALS
I don’t know if anyone there remembers me but I was there around 2005 (I think..I’m getting on a bit and the old memory not quite as sharp as it used to be!) Anyway My Human was passing through Nakusp recently and saw ads for PALS and mentioned to me it might be nice to drop you a line and let you know how things turned out for me so here goes!

I was adopted way back in 2005 but for some reason the man that took me on decided not to keep me and so just by chance my Human, Oenone met me and decided to find me a really great forever home, well as things happened we got on really well and enjoyed all kinds of fun stuff together, walking and hiking and just hanging out in front of the fire (I LOVE fireplaces, they are warm and snoozing in front of them is so nice) and I decided that she was going to be my forever home and much to my delight she agreed,the place we were living was way too small though so She decided to buy us a house in Salmo which is perfect, just right for the two of us and I have a bed under the front window which is very useful when people walk past…I really let them know whats what…especially if they have a dog! I have lots of friends Human and Canine and we walk all the time, there are so many wonderful walks that I take my Human on, she loves it and its very good for her! and I chase squirrels (I LOVE chasing squirrels…maybe one day I will actually catch one!) I had a vet visit recently just for a check up and she kept on asking how old I was ( I am almost 10) because I have great teeth and coat and my heart is good and strong and apart from a bit of arthritis and a few fatty lumps I am in darn good shape for a senior…its all those walks I make my Human go on I am sure!

Anyway I just wanted you to know that I think I am the happiest rottweiler ever! I have a great home and lots of love and I have apparently mellowed beautifully and every Human I meet agrees on what a wonderful dog I have become!

Keep up the great work, lots of licks

Bruno Bain

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